You yourself


When you are yourself and others want to change you. throughout my life I have experienced that people normally want to switch to your image. both family, friends, etc …. want to transform into themselves, when I was 16 years old, cared an elderly woman and her daughter wanted to take me the haircut she looked. She said “haircut and is more comfortable ….”, etc ..people  intended to  almodarte his character if they are hypocrites want you to be so, for example. You could have telling thousands of examples, but serious long. I think everyone should be oneself, improve  virtues and defects change for virtues. if you speak ill of others, is not noble or good, change it to speak well
without lying, that is not only see their flaws, look at their virtues, probably has some …… do not judge you do not know their circumstances, you’re not perfect ….. I would like you to leave me your comments and experiences ….. I will answer as possible as I can…regards and happy weekend.

amaranta s. jackson


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