Be good


I remember several things that my grandmother taught me: 1.No use people in any way, not manipulate anyone or anything, or step on anyone to upload your. 2. She always said do good, and if you can not, at least do no harm. 3. Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself. Throughout my life, I have seen and verified that the better you treat someone, and even you forget yourself, you are treated worse. And abuse perhaps even believe they are kings, and it is your duty to serve, or how good you are tantamount to being silly, and even rare, the poor are so poor, they do not understand the virtue of being a good person, then you cataloged rare. When I meet these people, I can do? be like them, and even treat them worse, or remain good, silly and wacky ……… Naturally my first reaction is to send them to hell, but then I remember what my grandmother told me, if you can not do well, at least not do wrong. then what I do is I do not hurt, if help is very necessary, if not, very kindly I look elsewhere. We learn not to be like those people ……….. we are always good, noble, but strong as one oak.  count me anything or see’m here.

A lot of love!!!

amaranta s. jackson


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