The other’s shoes


for to do good to others, even if you’re criticized, even laugh at you. Sometimes it is better to be a strange one more herd. Every time you hurt someone, you take away their joy, their desire to help others and even their will to live, how many people committed suicide because they were injured, not everyone is selfish, these suffer less. Many people are more fragile, sensitive than others, and suffer more. Do not do what you do not want done to yourself. Think before acting. Would you like to do unto you? Do not?. You already have the answer. Put yourself in the other’s shoes. I can not imagine worse hell than see in another life the harm you did, the tears shed because of you, the pain caused by your bad head, and even see the good that you should do and comfort, laziness or selfishness did not.  
If you tell something that you feel better or worse, drop me a line.

amaranta s. jackson


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