Thank you:)😄


There are people who appear in your life just as they had to appear …

Some of them stay forever, sometimes after a short time again out of your life, almost like have appeared so suddenly.

There are people who have been with you all your life …
Without realizing you have accompanied, advised, loved, taught and always supported what you need.

There are other people that one day becoming part of your life and are installed without realizing it, are part of your routines, your thoughts, your emotions.

I know sometimes we passed people who wish that we did not cross, but as the past we can not change, I like to think of these people as teachers taxes or as evidence in the way to make us stronger, or to mature, or let us see the difference between each other or to simply improve.

There are also people who are only in our life a few hours or a few days or even do not know personally, but you hear about or hear, and suddenly you have helped to make that decision or you have motivated to do that you wanted or inspired to take your best you …

I think anyone who appears in our life makes for a reason and usually a reason to teach us, to support us with something, so that we realize something, to accompany us on something or to give us something.

To all those people who have crossed in my life, I have much to thank.
And you ? Whom you hace to say thank you!!!⌚☺:)😆

amaranta s. jackson


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