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A broken heart story


Camille Claudel ….. its history.

The story of Camille Claudel has tragic fate. Since she showed signs of his artistic talent. He must deal with the imposition of his family who refused to develop his skill. By negotiating his brother Paul, the poet, he got his parents to accept their entry into a sculpture studio, nothing less than the consecrated Auguste Rodin.
Genial and young Rodin quickly seduced her, beginning a stormy

relationship with prognosis of destruction. Rodin was a married man with official mistress (Rose Beuret). Neither the wife nor mistress abandon them, despite the promises he made to false Camille.

The triangle that tormented Camille is represented in one of his most famous works, “mature age”, in which the breakup of the couple is recreated. Camille, kneeling, pleading to Rodin dragged by a female figure with witch face, the sculptor lover.
After a decade, the romance came to an fin.Luego a brief romance with Claude Debussy (another committed man), in December 1905, Camille is locked in his workshop, to sculpt heads of children who then destroyed.
Countless cats roam the workshop, where neighbors heard screams stick in the long nights of his mental deterioration.

Camille’s family tried to lock her in a mental hospital, a week after his father’s death, the nurses broke down the door to the study of Camille, put a straitjacket and led to pushing, to a psychiatric institution. Camille is admitted to the mental hospital Montdevergues near Paris. Despite the recurring pleas from his brother Camille, asking the release, he dies in that madhouse, 30 years after joining in 1943 at 79 years old.
No one visited in those years imprisonment: his family banned all visits …

Source: Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine.

amaranta s. jackson

Thank you:)😄


There are people who appear in your life just as they had to appear …

Some of them stay forever, sometimes after a short time again out of your life, almost like have appeared so suddenly.

There are people who have been with you all your life …
Without realizing you have accompanied, advised, loved, taught and always supported what you need.

There are other people that one day becoming part of your life and are installed without realizing it, are part of your routines, your thoughts, your emotions.

I know sometimes we passed people who wish that we did not cross, but as the past we can not change, I like to think of these people as teachers taxes or as evidence in the way to make us stronger, or to mature, or let us see the difference between each other or to simply improve.

There are also people who are only in our life a few hours or a few days or even do not know personally, but you hear about or hear, and suddenly you have helped to make that decision or you have motivated to do that you wanted or inspired to take your best you …

I think anyone who appears in our life makes for a reason and usually a reason to teach us, to support us with something, so that we realize something, to accompany us on something or to give us something.

To all those people who have crossed in my life, I have much to thank.
And you ? Whom you hace to say thank you!!!⌚☺:)😆

amaranta s. jackson


To be sad is terrible. Because you feel only an inside void. Feeling alone tho’ you are with friends. Feeling as life doesn’t care a dig! 😩:'(😭
Sometime there is people who make you feeling even worst.
Who felt so way????
Tell me you experience and what did you do???:roll:🙋

amaranta s. jackson

Happy weekend


Looking forward future. Reminding the past, maybe wasting my time!!!!!. But sometime we just need to do nothing. To be alone, standing quiet, we have to find that we are looking for, or even better standing quiet, it comes to us.
What are you doing today? Are you moving or standing?

amaranta s. jackson



Nicola Tesla, father of the technology, which as he said, worked for and for the good of humanity. But he died alone, broke, took him for a madman, his thoughts,  what about he said, it was the fault of his loneliness. How many people are given side. Because they act and think differently. others, turns his back’em. Or you assume that in your life, or you will suffer a lot, or you become like the others ….. as an alternative to be accepted, people do not look you weird … these are the only alternatives. What you choose?

amaranta s. jackson